After-school drama club

‘Bright Lights Drama (Camilla & Natalia) have run a very successful after-school drama club at Norland for many years. Their welcoming, encouraging approach, enables all children, from the shy to the outgoing, to express themselves, think on their feet and develop confidence and self-esteem. With a focus on performance to an audience, participants enjoy an enriching and fulfilling experience.’ Patrick Mattar, Headmaster Norland Place School, April 2016.



Bright Lights pick a theme of stories for the term and read a different one each week. Some of these themes include stories from around the world, and classic fairy tales.

There is then a ‘best of’ show to parents at the end of the term.

As well as children building up a knowledge of the oral tradition of storytelling they are also given the opportunity to perform on a weekly basis.

Such regular performances make going on stage the norm for children. The cathartic experience of being seen and applauded is vital for the child’s healthy sense of self value.



HOW LONG?  Weekly during term times after school



WHO?  Year 1 – Year 6



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